What is ‘Change Made Real’?

Who amongst us hasn’t thought that we’d ‘like things to change’ – but just as often left it as a thought. We don’t DO anything about it!

This is frequently, and particularly, true in regard to our relationships.

Humans are complex, so simple answers to the question “how do I achieve change?” are rarely appropriate. They just won’t work!

Humans in relationships are even more complex. Fortunately Humans talk – and much can be learned by listening. We listen.

Listening beyond ‘the problem’ to reveal ‘the good’ that is, or was, in the relationship, we’ve developed techniques that can turn thoughts into actions that can make the desired change real.

We’ve studied much of the research into relationships. We’ve also experienced, and worked intensively on, our own relationship.

We’ve wanted, and worked out how to achieve, changes in our own relationship and now know what has to be done to make a ‘want’ into a real change.

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