Of Tony Abbot and Viktor Frankl

141019 Viktor_FranklTony Abbot has been the prime minister of Australia for a year now. What has happened in this time is scary:

  • Education funds for universities are cut
  • Carbon tax has been abolished and is refunded
  • Civil rights are lost in the so called war on terrorism

No, this email is not a political rant.

However… I am not so sure about you, but… I don’t like it:

  • When our kids can’t afford good education – after all they have to live on this planet after us
  • When brown coal is burnt for electricity while there is clean energy available
  • When the government changes the rules to allow them to look at my web browsing history and phone calls I make

It gets personal. It affects the quality of our lives.

So, what can we do about it?

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