Q: What is life actually for?

A: Relationships!

It seems that almost everyone wants to change their life – or their life experiences. Typically they mention they want better relationships – they want to change their relationships for better ones.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to replace their existing relationships – they just want them to be better! 

At Change Made Real we fully understand that want. We ourselves entered into our relationship having each experienced painful failure previously – but having seen glimpses of the value of effective relationship prior to that failure. We also learned a lot about ourselves through those painful experiences. We, individually and independently, resolved to get to know ourselves – and to like ourselves. 

After all, how can anyone love someone else, and be loved in return, if they can’t love themselves?

We see three important relationships:

If any one of these relationships is less than ideal it will likely impact the other two.

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