Proven techniques

We use three proven methods that we’ve used in our own relationship over the past 15 years. To this we add extensive professional and life experience, and knowledge of widely recognised couples research.

We use Systemic Constellation techniques (sometimes referred to as Family Constellations) for their ability to quickly and effectively reveal insights into current issues and their likely root cause; and to identify and test possible options for their resolution.  Having been trained by the originators, Preeti is an accomplished constellation practitioner, and was the first to work successfully via video and over the internet using figures and symbols. Thus we can bring this powerful method to work on your issues, wherever you are.

We also use Solution-focused coaching to turn those insights and options into real-world actions – that are doable by you. We found that by focusing on the solution rather than focusing on the problem, progress is inevitable.

Finally, we are students of IMAGO Relationship Therapy to improve communications within the relationship. We ourselves found this greatly improves understanding and intimacy, and can help take the insights and initiatives from the first two steps to fruition.

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