The path to connection

Peace and Connection, like Charity, begin at home. By this we mean it begins with you. If your relationship with yourself is fraught – you are unlikely to ever be truly at peace. Remember, your mind knows all about you!

Your fears, weaknesses, and all your previous hurts and traumas, are fully known to your mind. If, by some barely remembered slight in childhood, your confidence or trust has been impaired it is likely that your mind will use all of its tricks to exploit this. Your mind may do this through a distorted sense of being protective of ‘you’  – the flawed ‘you’ it knows and maintains.

The good news is that you can still develop good relations with others while you ‘fix up’ your relationship with yourself – you just need to be aware of your own traits and triggers, and those of the other. To achieve this you need ‘connection’ – and effective communication. Change Made Real can help