It’s time to start again

160809 It's time to start againOr: there is never the right time and you might as well do it now.

It’s been quiet at my end – there are reasons for that. But let’s not go there right now.

It doesn’t actually help take the necessary action to get going again.

In the last few months, when I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for a while, they asked me about what had happened to the emails they used to receive from me so regularly.

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In Alice Springs 11-20 June – Running Workshops and Classes

You might know that I can’t stay away from your beautiful town for too long… and I am coming soon again, this month actually, June 11th – 20th. I will be there for the Finke race, which they put on to celebrate my birthday 🙂

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Still here after an eventful year

You might have wondered what happened with these emails.

Maybe your email address has dropped off the list? No. Everything still is as it was before… With the exception that Since mid July these emails have been rather erratic and, lately, non-existent.

It has definitely been an eventful year for many of us.

In my case it started with an experiment that turned out to be much harder to realise than envisaged, and ended with a broken arm.

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